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Daphne - To Rainbow Bridge 5/30/13

Breed:  Golden Retriever (purebred)
Age: Estimated approx. 8 years old       Gender:  Female
Color: Red
Weight:    Other: 
Altered: Yes  

Don't be blue Daphne. Someone is going to be very lucky to get you. In the meantime, I get to enjoy you. You see, there oversight is my gain.

Daphne came from a shelter, so MTGRR knows very little about her.

Daphne has the most gorgeous reddish golden coat. Daphne is in an experienced foster home that has seen numerous dogs come, and go. Daphne's foster mom describes the family as generally critical in nature. However, Daphne seems to have unanimously won the hearts of ALL. Even "the most picky" of the family members announced they should adopt Daphne. She is really super sweet, likes to follow her foster mom around and nudge her for the petting that she knows she deserves. Daphne is reluctant to follow her foster mom up the stairs. She has tried to persuade Daphne to come up with her, but she just stands at the bottom of the stairs wagging her tail. We are not sure if Daphne is unable to get up the stairs, if she is just afraid of them, or she has been trained to stay off the stairs. Additionally, Daphne is a bit of a homebody. She really does not enjoy car rides. In fact, she is a little fearful of car rides and immediate cowers on the floor and shivers. Daphne's current foster states "she is a very likeable dog and would love to have a home where she is center of attention. But, is definitely adaptable to having company."

Daphne runs outside on her own and does her business. But, she loves to be indoors with her peeps. Daphne knows the sit and lay down commands. Daphne is very food oriented, so training is accentuated with food rewards.

You shread foster mom! No Daphne, I think you shread (toys). :-)

Additional information: *Housetrained  *Current on shots  

Middle Tennessee Golden Retriever Rescue
Phone: (615) 496-PAWS
E-Mail: MTGRR@rescueagolden.org

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