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Adoption Application
MTGRR adopts to homes in Middle Tennessee and Certain Parts of Northern Alabama and Western Kentucky. A Map of our adoption area can be found on our website.
After you submit your application, if you don't get a reply from MTGRR within 3-5 days, please email us at mtgrr@rescueagolden.org. Please be patient with us, we are all volunteers :).

Please send your $10.00 non-refundable processing fee to MTGRR, PO Box 681106, Franklin, TN, 37068-1106, or via PayPal. You can find a link to PayPal on MTGRR's website under the "Donations" section (the tab to that page is directly to the left).

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the Adoption Application below. The purpose of this questionnaire is to learn a about your family and home so that our organization can make the best possible match for both you and our rescue animal. Our main concern is placing our animals in a compatible home with a family that will give them a LIFETIME commitment of love and proper care. This consultation process is designed to help us determine if the adoption is in the best interest of both the animal and the adopter. Please be aware that while completing this application does not bind you to adopt one of our animals, neither does it guarantee that we will place one of our animals in your home at this time. If you are interested in learning more about one of our rescue animals, please answer the questions honestly and thoroughly.

Some animals may need some extra time and patience to adjust to yet another new home. Some may need housetraining or other types of training, and some may just need a little extra love and patience. All animals, regardless of their background and history, go through an adjustment period when they go to a new environment. There will be a period of a few days, weeks or in some cases months during which your new petís personality is emerging and growing while you get to know one another. Please remember that this is a stressful time for an animal and hopefully we will be able to work together to make this a lifetime relationship for you and your rescue pet. You can call on us at any time to help you in any way. With this in mind, please answer the questions on the application to the best of your ability.

We reserve the right to refuse adoption to anyone for any reason. A representative of our group may conduct home visits prior to or following an adoption, and our group has the right to reclaim an animal following an adoption if unsuitable home conditions, evidence of neglect, abuse or other mistreatment of the animal are found on this visit.

MTGRR has a tiered adoption fee, required at the time of adoption:
Dogs up to 1 year old: $300
Dogs 1 to 8 years old: $250
Dogs 9 to 10 years: $200
Seniors 11 Years+: a donation of Adopters Choice
($50 is refundable with proof of obedience training for dogs up to 10 years old).

Please review our Terms and Conditions of Adoption, Adoption Process, and Adoption Frequently Asked Questions before completing the adoption application form below.

After completing the application form (either online or if you mail it), please send a $10.00 non-refundable processing fee to the address below. Your application will be processed upon receipt of your check.

PO Box 681106
Franklin, TN 37068-1106

* Be 18 years of age or older.
* Have identification showing your present address.
* Have the knowledge and consent of your landlord.
* Be able and willing to spend the time and money necessary to provide training, medical treatment and proper care for the dog for its entire life.
About You and Your Household
Applicant Name:
Co-Applicant Name:
Street Address:
ZIP Code:
Daytime phone number:
Evening phone number:
When is the best time for us to conduct a home visit?
How long have you lived at your current address?
Do you own or rent?
If you rent, what is your landlord's name and telephone number?
If you rent, do you have have your landlord's permission to have large dog?
Do you have a fenced yard? If yes, please tell us the type of fence (chain link, privacy/wood, metal, or invisible/electric) and how high it is.
If you do not have a fence, do you plan to install one?
What is the size of yard area the dog will have access to?
What pets do your currently have in your household? For each, please give us the following information: Type (dog, cat, etc.), age, whether the animal is altered, and whether it is an indoor pet, outdoor pet, or both.
Is there a dog or pet limit in your city or county? If yes, what is the limit?
Please list the names and ages of all persons who live in your household (or who visit regularly).
Does anyone in your home have pet allergies?
Who will be the primary care giver and trainer of the dog?
Is the whole family in agreement with adopting a rescue pet? If not, who isn't, and what are their reasons?
About The Adoptive Dog
You would like a dog for: house pet, guard dog, companion, gift, companion for another dog, or other (please explain):
Are you willing to spend the time and money necessary to provide training, medical treatment and proper care for your dog for its entire life?
What will you do if your new dog chews your belongings or shows other destructive behavior?
How will your dog be confined to your property (please include all that apply)? In the house; in a crate or kennel; in a fenced yard; on a chain; in a garage; on a patio; other...
Will the dog be outside unsupervised? If yes, for how long (on average)?
How much exercise do you plan to give your dog?
Activity Level you would prefer in your dog (high/medium/low)?
Will the dog be walked daily?
Will the dog be exercised in a fenced area?
Is there a specific dog you are interested in adopting from us? If yes, please indicate the dog's name. If no, please tell us if there is anything specific you are looking for (e.g. age, size, male/female, etc).
Would you consider a Special Needs Golden, such as one who requires medication for a permanent but controlled condition?
Where will your pet be kept during the day? And at night?
How many hours will the dog spend alone each day?
Rescued Golden Retrievers have sometimes been in neglectful and/or abusive situations and therefore, may experience difficulty making the transition to a new home. Are you willing to be patient while your dog adjusts to its new home?
How long do you feel an animal should be given for an adjustment period?
Are you willing to work with a new pet on any issues he or she may have?
What behaviors would be unacceptable to you?
What actions would you take to correct these behaviors?
If the dog has or develops behavioral issues that you cannot address, are you willing to contact MTGRR for free assistance before you return the dog?
Will your dog receive formal obedience training?
If you move, what will you do with your dog?
Your Experience with Dogs
Please list all pets you have owned in the past three years and include: species, sex of the pet, was pet spayed or neutered, and what happened to the pet (for more space, use Comments section below):
Have you ever owned a Golden Retriever or other large breed dog?
Are you familiar with the use of a crate to train and/or confine the pet during your absence or at night?
Are you aware that Golden Retrievers are active and that they shed all year long?
Will you groom the dog or use a groomer?
Are you aware that routine costs of maintaining a dog average approximately $500-800 per year?
Have you sold, given away or surrendered a pet to a shelter? If so, please explain the circumstances:
Please identify all veterinarians used for the past three years (please include their name, address and phone number):
Do you understand the state and local ordinances concerning licensing and leashing?
Have you or any member of your family/household been cited for leash law violation or animal neglect/cruelty in the past? If yes, please explain the circumstances:
Have you applied to any other rescue group for a dog? If so, please list the group name and date of application (this will enable us to coordinate placement efforts):
How did you hear of MTGRR?
Questions or comments:
Adoption Fee: MTGRR requires an adoption fee at the time of adoption:
Dogs up to 1 year old: $300
Dogs 1 to 8 years old: $250
Dogs 9 to 10 years: $200
Seniors 11 Years+: a donation of Adopters Choice
($50 is refundable with proof of obedience training for dogs up to 10 years old).
In submitting this application, I hereby certify that all the information provided on this application is true, complete and accurate to the best of my/our knowledge. I/we attest that we have read the Terms and Conditions of Adoption and also understand that completion and submission of this application does not guarantee adoption of a Golden Retriever. Middle Tennessee Golden Retriever Rescue reserves the right to refuse any adoption.

Thank you for submitting your application. If you don't get a reply from MTGRR within 3-5 days, or if you think your form was not sent successfully, please email us at mtgrr@rescueagolden.org.

We are an all volunteer organization, so we apologize in advance if we are slow to reply. Please send your $10.00 non-refundable processing fee to MTGRR, PO Box 681106, Franklin, TN, 37068-1106. You can also pay your processing fee via PayPal, by going the Donations page on MTGRR's website.

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