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Foster a Golden

We have a constant need for foster homes. Foster parenting is different from adopting, because once a dog is adoptable we already know quite a bit about them. In contrast, we usually know very little about newly rescued dogs, beyond what we have learned from the vet, since all dogs ready for foster have been fully vetted (all shots, neuter/spay, vet checked for good health, etc).

TO APPLY TO FOSTER: print this Foster Application complete it and email the pages to or fax to 615.829.8913

For more details about fostering, including frequently asked questions, visit this webpage: Fostering FAQs

We have needs for several types of fosters:

  • Short Term Fosters - Take care of an MTGRR, now Adopt A Golden Nashville, foster dog while their regular foster is on vacation, or while the dog is in transit. Short term fosters may foster a dog from 1 to 2 days to 1 to 2 weeks

  • Regular Fosters - Regular foster homes foster a dog for a minimum of 7 days or until a forever home is found for the dog. You will never be stuck with a dog; if you need us to move the dog, or you are going out of town, just let us know.

  • Special Needs Fosters - Special Needs fosters take care of dogs with known health issues such as a pregnant dog coming in from a shelter that will have puppies, a dog who is known to have a condition such as epilepsy, or anything else that requires a little bit more advanced dog knowledge.

  • Puppy Fosters - Just what it sounds like. Puppies are a handful, and require several hours a day. We don't often have puppies in rescue, but when we do, we need a foster home that wants to raise the puppies until they are old enough for adoption

  • We always have an urgent need for a regular foster home or short term foster home with no other pets.

    We also have many goldens waiting for rescue at shelters, but we have to place the goldens currently at our vet clinics in foster before we can take them in. MTGRR, now Adopt A Golden Nashville, is only limited in how many dogs it can help by the number of foster homes it has.

    If you or anyone else you know would be able to help foster one of these sweet goldens, please email us at or submit an application.

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